Design Literacy: Helping Topple the World | BISHOP

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Design Literacy: Helping Topple the World

If we are to build the next generation of citizens, we need to help them leapfrog over the basics and build creative, agile, critical, collaborative and resilient thinkers. Society has been concerned recently with science, technology, engineering and math (STEM), calling STEM the new three Rs. We can radically innovate education to include design as a way of thinking. We can use human-centered design techniques as powerful organizing principles to bring the science of creativity and collaboration to the classic elements of literacy. Human-centered design fosters social activities like building empathy by asking designers to look carefully at how people actually think and work. Design, the systematic attempt to change the future, can be taught, can be learned, and will improve a person’s ability to solve problems. It is a critical aspect of literacy today.

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