Design is the Art of Now | Anna DeBoer

Design is the Art of Now

Anna DeBoer’s artistic journey started in Ann Arbor, MI, growing up in a family of designers, artists and makers. Her father was an industrial designer; her mother, a television producer. Early on, she had a natural affinity for using tools to visualize her ideas—from sewing machines to power tools. Her hobby in vintage autos, and her love of athletics such as rowing and bicycling, exposed her to industrial materials like carbon fiber that have a technical beauty beyond their functional characteristics.

As she finishes her senior year of college, DeBoer recollects how all of these experiences and events gave her design inspiration in every one of her jewelry pieces. “I have always known that I am artistically inclined, athletically able, tool savvy and curious,” she says. “What I didn’t know was that every one of these attributes has a basis in design, and now resides in my design library.”