IDSA communities in the United States, Professional Chapters and Student Chapters, are organized into Districts to support a robust interconnection. The structure allows for even distribution of these communities around the country and ensures equitable support from headquarters to serve the populations of working professionals and students of industrial design.

Districts are established or changed by the IDSA Board of Directors in accordance with IDSA Bylaws.  Each District is led by a District Vice President who is a member of the Board, organizes the respective District Design Conference and serves as a leader to and advocate for the professional and student chapters therein.

Here are the five (5) District Vice Presidents:

Central District VP
South District Chapter Representative
Northeast District VP

The IDSA District Map below shows the relative locations of IDSA Professional Chapters. For IDSA Student Chapters, please click here.

Please send questions about IDSA Districts to membership@idsa.org or by calling 703.707.6000 x127.