From Cities to Door Pulls: A Design Process for all Scales | KUDO-KING

Session Title:
From Cities to Door Pulls: A Design Process for all Scales

As designers, we seek to create architecture that does more than provide shelter and serve its function. We want to create buildings that inspire their inhabitants to see and interact with their surroundings. Our architecture is about the physical: site, context, the materials they are built with, the spaces between these materials and how they connect. It is also about the experiential: the occupant’s movement from space to space, how they touch the building and how they can interact with moving parts to change their environment. We take these core principles and apply them to all project scales—from cities to high-rises, museums to houses, cabins to door pulls. There are two aspects of our design process that we will focus on during this session. For the first, it is the importance to engage with a broad range of disciplines, such as engineers, builders, artists, fabricators, artisans, filmmakers, mathematicians and even puppeteers. The second is the importance to blur the boundaries between design and construction. Our process involves fabricators and builders during the conceptual phases, and we maintain latitude within our ideas for discoveries during construction. This presentation will explore these topics through a presentation of built and conceptual work.

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