Christian Freissler

Christian Freissler
Evolve Collaborative

Christian Freissler’s upbringing in the world of German design shaped his love for Porsche and his obsession with perfect detail. He holds numerous patents and has created a range of award-winning designs. Freissler co-founded Evolve Collaborative, a Portland-based insight, design and innovation agency that strives for better—and partners with companies to solve complex problems through design. Previously, he worked as senior industrial designer for Ziba Design in Portland.

Freissler also has a passion for giving his knowledge back to the next generation of creatives—lecturing at universities in Oregon and California. He is a professor of industrial design at San Jose State University.

Why So Serious? Roughly 87 Rules of Creative Play!

Think big—or small! Building on years of experience in "big consulting," the founding partner of Evolve Collaborative, Christian Freissler, talks about insight, design and innovation from a "smaller" perspective.

“If great design was as simple as following a rulebook, everyone would have a million dollar company!” he declares. "Design thinking is causing a stir in the boardroom and we are at a point in time where designers are getting the kudos they have been dreaming of for years. So why are we so serious about everything? It’s time to bring a little bit of creative play into your process to foster an environment where designers, clients and users can play and create together."

Evolve Collaborative will walk you through a few rules of creative play that combine tips, tools and tricks with knowing when to apply them and how to break them. Why 87? Why the [insert creative swear word] not?