Chevis Watkinson

Chevis Watkinson
Senior Product Architect & Development Consultant
Georgia Pacific

Chevis Watkinson is the senior product architect and development consultant at Georgia Pacific—leading innovation exploration for Dixie brand products.

Watkinson is a creative/innovative industrial designer with 18 years of experience designing user focused products across a variety of industries using market based information and insight. He’s also blended his formal industrial design skills with building and leading collaborative teams that have a focus on short-term and long-term strategies to meet the needs of the business and market place using a design thinking approach.

Applying Design Principles Inward

Throughout his career, Chevis Watkinson has seen a breakdown across departments—all working toward a common goal but with different needs and pain points in the process.

This occurs when there is a lack of understanding and empathy for what the different members are trying to achieve within the project. From his observations, if individuals in the team can achieve true empathy through more supportive and truly collaborative interaction for their team members—then a synergy is created that provides value to the outcome.

Watkinson finds that this, tied with individuals’ understanding cultural communication—will provide tremendous value throughout the development cycle.