The Q’WIK 15


The Q’WIK 15 is a boating system for junior sailors and families. Many boats, especially those with high performance characteristics, are expensive for many families. This high cost is a major barrier to entry into the sport of competitive sailing and the primary issue addressed by the Q’WIK 15. With a modular deck and hull system, users are able to switch out the deck (the center area of the vessel) completely changing the functionality. Within 30 minutes, Q’WIK 15 can go from high performance racing sailboat to a family powerboat or rowing shell. The Q’WIK system also combats the high price point of traditional, composite vessels through manufacturing. Rather than using expensive composite materials, Q’WIK uses rotationally molded polypropylene for the hulls and thermoformed polypropylene for the deck—both over foamed aluminum sub-frames for structural support.

Designed by: John Gray Parker and Phil Caridi of Savannah College of Art and Design