Student Designs

Datelite Memory Lamp

We all remember the most important things about our lives, but we forget the details. Our day to day joys are lost to time, and yet these are the things that make us who we are. Datelite is a lamp that is designed to help you remember those moments. Datelite subtly reminds you of special moments through the manipulation of light.

Designed by:  Cody Moore, Savannah College of Art and Design

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Xeno Airport System

Xeno is a communication and navigation system designed for hearing-impaired airport passengers. It provides personalized communication and navigation to enable a stress-free airport experience. Beacons are placed throughout the airport, an interactive smart floor locates and communicate with passengers and an optional phone app keeps it all connected. This system creates a pleasant experience for passengers and boosts efficiency for airlines and the airport.

Designed by: Harry Teng, Harmonie Tsai, Andy Lee and Cindy Hu for ArtCenter College of Design

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Thunderbird Inn

The Thunderbird Inn takes customer service to a whole new level. It improves the delivery of customer service through technology based on the concept of “Let the receptionist come to you.” Guests who are more comfortable with technology can access the convenience of hassle-free service through a mobile tablet provided in each hotel room. The table is equipped with a custom app connected to hotel departments.

Designed by: Christine Everdell and Niket Parekh for Savannah College of Art and Design

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SteriCell: Surgical Sterilization for Disaster Relief

Natural disasters and violent conflict in low-income countries pose particular challenges for the sterilization of surgical instruments required for emergency medical procedures. SteriCell is a portable off-grid sterilization system that replaces large, heavy mains-powered hospital autoclaves that require plenty of clean water. A fuel cell is used to power the germicidal ultraviolet light that works in parallel with 10ml of nano titanium dioxide power, an antimicrobial technology that crystalizes titanic iron ore into a nano liquid when exposed to ultraviolet light and is two times stronger than chlorine.

Designed by: Oliver Evans, S/IDSA, of Northumbria School of Design, Northumbria University



SONORE is an educational electronic guidebook for pregnant women. Utilized in Morocco, which reports a high illiteracy rate, the device shows mothers-to-be how to handle emergencies during pregnancy. 

Designed by: Narae Moon, MyungJin Kim, Heabin Lee, Wooin Jang and KwanMyung Kim of IIDLab, Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology (UNIST)



Call it a floating city! Connect the components of this sleek is;Land concept to create your own water world. Each piece of is;Land is designed in a symmetrical form for efficient modularization. When they are connected with electromagnetic pull, they form a larger multifunctional boat. Add or subtract to customize the shape and the uses. Let your imagination run wild with is;Land.

Designed by: Seunghee Seo of Yeungnam University


Frea Helmet

The Frea concept is a stylish close-fit hybrid helmet that grants freedom to female climbers. It consists of a 3-piece hard outer shell, a flexible second layer and a soft inner padding. The structure allows it to provide full protection and to fit long hair effortlessly. 

Designed by: Ziqi (Kiki) Wang of ArtCenter College of Design

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Escape is a rebranding proposal for Caltrans’ I-5 rest stops that reflect their location while providing important travel-related information. Interstate 5 is a 1,381-mile route running north to south from Canada to Mexico. There are 55 rest stops in the state. However, many are spatially dark and unpleasant. A new identity was developed to give the rest stops a more pleasant look and feel. The rebranding includes developing materials for wayfinding, signage and information systems to support the identity system.

Designed by: Kyeyoung Kang, S/IDSA, for ArtCenter College of Design

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CORE - The Future Arborist

CORE - The Future Arborists is an ecosystem of products to help arborists maintain green spaces in cities. It consists of a climbing harness with incorporated motor and batteries, a lightweight chainsaw and an assistance drone to help with the climb and to monitor the surroundings to keep pedestrians safe.

Designed by: Jens Rehammar and Joe Richardson of Umeå Institute of Design



AERO is a water harvester created for urban gardening communities. With polymer-coated cotton, AERO passively absorbs water molecules from the air. Twisting motions squeeze out the water, which gardeners can access at any time and share. Powered by its own solar energy, AERO is able to produce up to 200 liters of water daily. To reduce water waste, AERO is connected to smart-dosing feeders, which automatically deliver the right amount of water to plants. AERO allows users to create individual watering plans and always be aware of how much water is available.

Designed by: Susanne Duswald and Janis Beinerts of Umeå Institute of Design