Service Design

Congestive Heart Failure Remote Monitoring Program

The Congestive Heart Failure Remote Monitoring Program helps nurses better care for their patients with congestive heart failure while simultaneously motivating patients to take control of their health. Since congestive heart failure can be detected by a sudden increase in weight due to fluid retention, the monitoring program allows nurses to regularly check their patients’ weight through an online application. Patients weigh in each morning on a cell-enabled scale, which transmits their weight to their nurse. If the patient’s weight has risen too much over a period of time, the nurse is automatically alerted and can provide an appropriate intervention to prevent hospitalization.

Designed by: the Experience Design, Innovation, Strategic Alignment & Integration and IT Teams of Humana


Southwest Airlines’ Wayfinding Prototype

Southwest Airlines has developed a fully digital wayfinding and signage system designed to make traveling easier. Based on customer and employee feedback, all existing airport signage at key locations throughout the airport was redesigned. Each sign in the new system is fully digital and location aware to tailor the experience to the time of day, flight status and customer needs. While Southwest is known for delivering best-in-class hospitality on its airplanes, it sought to improve the in-airport customer experience. By talking with customers, frontline employees and Southwest’s operations teams, the designers identified three challenges: a lack of clear and accurate information, excessive gate crowding and the need for more meaningful customer service. This work was beneficial not only for customers but also for employees. General confusion regarding active flights at each gate area has decreased appreciably with the new system.

Designed by: Continuum for Southwest Airlines


Blind Shopping

Blind Shopping is a guiding system for the blind or the visually impaired to enjoy shopping. Using the technology of positioning and bone conduction, Blind Shopping alerts the blind to prodcuts' location, navigating around any obstacles on the way. Users can scan the product for its name, price, expiration date, warnings, place of origin, instructions and customer service contact information and make the purchase.

Designed by:  Yi-Chun Chen of Tatung University


MATCHER - Shopping eXperience Innovation

The Matcher Shopping eXperience Innovation is an automatic shopping recommendation service that matches an item to a customer's needs. Through optimization algorithms known as prescriptive analytics, shoppers can get a perfect match that may even exceed expectations.

Designed by: Jihyun Kim, Suyoung Ko, Younghyun Choi, Dongbok Lee, Inhyung Na, Sooyeoun Lee and Cheolsang Lee of Matcher Service for Samsung SDS

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Cody Service Toolbag

Through the Cody Service Toolbag, Coway offers continuing maintenance service for its home appliances, including water filtration devices, air purifiers, electronic bidets and water softeners. This includes replacing product filters and expendable parts and cleaning product interiors so customers can use them hygienically. The expert who handles these services is called a "Cody."

Designed by: Mi-youn Kyung for Coway Co., Ltd

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Audi on Demand

Audi on Demand is a mobility platform that gives customers a new way to experience the brand. Customers download the Audi on Demand iOS app to rent any Audi model for up to 28 days in the San Francisco metro area. Audi is providing a new generation a way to get behind the wheel and experience Audi engineering, without ownership. 

Designed by: Toby Bottorf, Stefano Bianchini, Bill Gastrock and Abby Bickel of Continuum LLC for Audi Mobility

Contact: Allison Ryder

Oslo University Hospital

This project rethinks the way a breast cancer diagnostic center handles the entire referral and diagnostic process. The result is a 90 percent reduction in waiting time from a patient's first visit with a primary doctor, through the final diagnosis at the hospital: 12 weeks can be reduced to 7 days. This represents a dramatic improvement in efficiency; a huge improvement in quality of life for patients in a tremendously stressful period of time; and potentially saved lives.

Designed by: Designit for Oslo University Hospital



Disney MyMagic Plus

Disney’s My Magic+ makes Guests’ visits to Walt Disney World Resort more personalized, immersive and easier than ever, enabling them to design the experience that’s ideal for their family and friends. The uniquely designed MagicBand is guests’ key to unlocking the magic, securely connecting all the choices they make, serving as their hotel room key, park admission, access to FastPass+ and PhotoPass, as well as an optional payment device. 

Designed by Walt Disney Parks and Resorts

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Curator's Choice: PillPack

PillPack serves people with multiple medications. Every two weeks customers receive a personalized roll of presorted, labeled medications, along with a recyclable dispenser and any items that cannot be placed into packets, like liquids and inhalers. PillPack coordinates refills and guarantees shipping on time. Customers can track shipments, refills and co-pays online, and they can call a PillPack pharmacist at any time.

Designed by TJ Parker and Elliot Cohen of PillPack; and Jennifer Sarich-Harvey, Sophy Lee, Katherine Londergan and Gen Suzuki of IDEO

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4-in-1 Pharmacy Tool

The 4-in-1 Pharmacy Tool is a portable handheld device designed to assist busy pharmacists with the repetitive tasks of opening medicine bottles and counting pills to fill patient prescriptions. The tool breaks moisture-induction seals, removes cotton from bottles, acts as a spatula for counting pills and has tweezers for sanitary hands-off retrieval of any stray pills accidentally spilled during the filling procedure.

Credits: Richard Costa, IDSA and Matthew Coe, IDSA of PharmaDesign Inc.
Client: Ortho-McNeil Janssen Pharmaceutical Services
Contact: Richard Costa, IDSA: