30th Bienal de São Paulo - Visual Identity, Publications and Visual Communication


A complex project that systemizes a universe of constellatory elements through a streamlined set of visual tools (constellatory symbol and diagram and typeface) determined at a workshop held with Brazilian and foreign designers, the curatorial and educational teams and 12 students and professionals chosen through the appraisal of proposals and portfolios. 30 different posters, one by each of the workshop participants, translate the same set of system rules. A catalogue with 60 jackets derived from these posters was created using constellatory images commissioned from the artists. The teacher and educator primers contained special artist and concept fact sheets that could be arranged in various different constellations on a Tyvek® support, fundamental to creating classroom dynamics. There was also an exhibition guide, complete exhibition signage and a website.

Designed by Andre Stolarski

Contact: Andre Stolarski - Andre.stolarski@bienal.org.br