Horizon LED Task Light

The first task light to utilize Thin Film LED Technology™, the Horizon Task Light delivers a striking combination of form and function. Using a series of high-intensity LEDs surrounding several layers of polycarbonate and optical films, Horizon produces an ultra-wide footprint of warm glare-free 3000K light and eliminates the weaknesses of traditional LED task lights. In addition to a compelling aesthetic that complements any interior, Horizon offers a broad range of intuitive functionality in a simple, highly durable form.

The primary challenge in designing Horizon was to create an ergonomic and energy-efficient LED task light that overcomes the weaknesses of current-generation LED task lights, including poor light quality, oddly shaped illumination footprints and multiple shadows. Because different tasks and different users require different levels of light output, it was essential that Horizon offers enhanced usability and function that would allow users to effortlessly adjust the light’s intensity and position. Throughout the design process, an overarching consideration was to embody ergonomics and function in a refined aesthetic that would suit any modern interior.

Horizon’s design employs three main components: an ultra-thin rectangular lamp head, an elegant round base and a minimal support stem connected to the base and lamp head by spherical joints. The spherical joints facilitate fluid positioning. An organic membrane-like skin forms the cover for the lens and base, leaving no exposed wiring or mechanical fasteners to distract from the luminous beauty of the light itself. The resulting aesthetic is a unique hybrid of rectilinear architectural forms and natural organic forms.

The lamp’s head offers a full range of adjustability in all axes and variable height control so the light source can be positioned exactly where it’s needed. Its built-in dimmer control offers seven levels of adjustable illumination to customize light intensity according to each task. Offering enhanced functionality, Horizon also remembers the previous session’s light level, offers a night-light setting that uses just 1 watt of energy, and displays an internal indicator light so it can be easily located in a darkened room.

Engineered for energy efficiency and a long life, Horizon consumes only 9 watts and is rated for 60,000 hours of use. Its advanced design dramatically minimizes the number of components and simplifies disassembly. Made predominantly of recycled aluminum, Horizon also comes with a 10-year 24/7 warranty to support its exceptional lifespan.

Credits: Humanscale, Michael McCoy and Peter Stathis
Contact: Allan Escoto: awards@humanscale.com