Samsung XGEO GU60

The XGEO GU60 offers an ergonomic approach to taking X-rays that enhances efficiency and productivity. Through advanced technology from Samsung, radiation exposure can be lowered while still capturing high image levels. In addition, real-time monitoring ensures constant high-level performance.

The XGEO GU60 is a fully motorized system. To facilitate any examination in any position, it’s U-arm is fully automated and rotates between 30 and 120 degrees and the source to image-receptor distance (SID) travels between 100 and 180 centimeters. It also provides dual-speed movement to increase system throughput.

Before imaging even begins, the system offers guidance for patient positioning to ensure accurate results, and the anatomical programmed radiography (APR) mapping selects the filming method that corresponds to the parts being imaged. An APR database corresponding to the needs of the hospital is provided. Immediately after the images are captured, the clinician can review images to instantly decide if any need to be retaken.

The clinician can easily operate the system by hand, including the mounted 12-inch touch screen. The large screen provides complicated information effectively. Every component of the control panel, including the handle, speaker and buttons, are located on the same layer for ease of use; the grip on the back side improves user comfort while using the control panel. The swiveling arm is controlled with a handheld wireless LED remote control.

Credits: Samsung, Moon jae hwa, Moon jun pill, Kim ki soo, Kim yun su
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