Woven Bin (Cesto Trama)


The Trama Basket recovers in a unique way the concept of “Brazilianess” found in indigenous handicraft, more precisely in the art of weaving and looming, where the designers sought inspiration to create a novel product. The designers’ greatest challenge was to transform the concept of hand weaving and looming into an industrialized product and apply an alternative raw material from natural fibers used by indigenous artisans.  The Trama Basket is produced in polypropylene (PP) with a 40% addition of natural resin fibers extracted from sugar cane, thus reducing plastic polymer consumption. The basket is injection molded and bonded together by a special binding system without using glue or welding.

"By looking back in time to the tradition of weaving baskets from natural materials in Brazil, the designers of this plastic laundry basket created a beautiful and more functional version that 'breathes' like a basket, can be manufactured for less and packs flat for easy and more responsible shipping."  --Davin Stowell, IDSA, Smart Design 

Contact: Tobias Bertussi: Bertussi Design

Credit: Tobias Bertussi, Christian Machado, Rodrigo Castaman, Gabriel Altenhofen and Gustavo Billo of Bertussi Designdustrial (Brasil)