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U by Moen™ Shower

U By Moen Shower is the first wireless/cloud-based shower control for a customizable experience. The user controls time, temperature, outlets and how their day begins. They can also remotely set the shower to the perfect wake-up temperature from the comfort of their own bed through their smartphone. After reaching the desired temperature, notification occurs through the mobile app and the shower automatically pauses to conserve water. The system features up to 12 personalized preset configurations and is available in either two or four water outlet systems. It’s minimalistic form and luxurious Terra Beige finish coordinates swith any shower design.

Designed by: Steven Ward, IDSA, Jen Sedwick, IDSA, Jessica Birchfield, IDSA, Sam Cahill, IDSA, and Andrew McMillan of Moen Inc.

Contact: jessica.d.birchfield@gmail.com | https://www.moen.com/u




SIMBULB CLASSIC DIMMABLE is the first spiral shaped filament Retro LED light bulb with spherical light distribution. The starting point of this design was the idea to develop an LED lamp series that combines classic aesthetics with innovative technology and changes consumers’ perception of energy-saving bulbs. SIMBULB CLASSIC DIMMABLE bulbs look like traditional bulbs but consume only one-tenth of the energy. The amber tinted glass creates a vintage look. The lamps have good dimming performance and are available in different designs. The materials ensure a long service life and the structure is stable.


Contact: andrew@simlighting.com | www.simlighting.com

Palm Leaf Light

The palm leaf handicraft technique has been used for generations to make Chinese fans in the 1,600-year-old Guangdong Province. But with more people using air conditioning and electric fans, fewer artisans are specializing in this skill. Palm Leaf Light wants this tradition to keep evolving. Since palm leaf fans are almost transparent, the light that comes through them is warm and inviting. Palm Leaf Lights incorporate this feature and the palm leaf technique.

Designed by: Wen WeiCai, Guo ChunRui,  Huang HuiFang, Cen ZiJian and Chen ZhenYi of AEZM Design Studio

Contact: stonewencui@163.com

Mi LED Desk Lamp

Equipped with a patented optical lens that diffuses light source into natural-like, non-visible, flicker light rays, Mi LED Desk Lamp is dimmable and supports stepless adjustment for brightness (1–100 percent of 300 lumen) and color temperature (2700–6500k) with only one rotary knob. Designed in a minimalist style—the lamp arm, pole and base are sculptured into elementary geometric forms—conveying a sense of aesthetic beauty and build quality while naturally blending in its surroundings. Additional lighting-mode settings can be customized via a mobile app based on actual scenarios.

Designed by: Mi Industrial Design Team of Xiaomi Inc.

Contact: liujianyu@xiaomi.com | www.mi.com

RYOBI Garage Door Opener Module System

The Ryobi Garage Door Opener Module System is a smart garage hub that can be customized with modular accessories. The user experience can be controlled from any location using an app designed around garage life. The industrial design dramatically disrupts a stagnant category with a system of garage accessories that dock into place with one click. Task-specific accessories, such as a security camera, a wireless speaker, laser parking assist and an adjustable fan, are designed around real user needs.

Designed by: Ken Brazell, IDSA, Tac Ohi, IDSA, Eric Lagman, Jeremy Connell, Benjamin Thomas and Michael Preus of Techtronic Design for Techtronic Industries Co. Ltd.

Contact: tac.ohi@ttigroupna.com | www.ryobitools.com

Montblanc-D Air Purifier

The Montblanc-D is a freestanding cylindrical-shaped large-capacity air purifier for household use that can suck fine dust from any direction and blow clean air wherever desired. Two cone-shaped cylinders spread downward and overlap. A suction hole composed of 7,900 small snowflake patterns catches fine dust on the exterior. 

Designed by: Kyeongchul Cho, Yoojeung Han and Seungho Baek of LG Electronics Inc.

Contact: Gihyeon.Lee@lge.com | www.lg.com

LED Bright Stik

The GE LED Bright Stik™ is an energy-efficient lightbulb designed to replace 60-watt incandescent bulbs. Instead of the traditional lightbulb shape, the LED Bright Stik shines in a compact cylindrical design that fits more fixtures. Its smaller overall size also increases the number of light bulbs that fit into a shipping container. Compared to a 60-watt incandescent, the Bright Stik uses 85 percent less energy, lasts 15 times longer and illuminates spaces with a warm, soft white light.

Designed by: Jing Chen and the GE Lighting Lamp Technology Team

Contact: jean.sept@gmail.com | http://www.gelighting.com/LightingWeb/emea/products/highlights/led-bright-stik/index.jsp

Kola Washbasin Mixer

The Kola Washbasin Mixer is a dual-function water-conserving faucet collection with an innovative control mechanism. Kola has two water outlets, providing users with more flexibility and possibilities for different needs. Not only can you turn it on and off and regulate the water temperature, you can choose the direction of the water flow. 

Designed by: Huang Caiyun of Bravat (China) GmbH

Contact: paul.yu@seagullgroup.cn

Kirigamine MSZ-FL, MSZ-LN, MSZ-JL Series

The Kirigamine MSZ-FL, MSZ-LN, MSZ-JL Series features a split-type wall-mounted air conditioner that doesn't look like an air conditioner. It has a sleek shape and comes in a variety of color. It's free of blower outlets, sensors or other protruding clues about its function. The main unit is made up of straight lines and flat surfaces combined with a high-quality surface finish for a decor-like presence.

Designed by: Hiroyuki Kato, So Nakai and Takayuki Nishiguchi of Mitsubishi Electric Corp.

Contact: idc_info@nd.MitsubishiElectric.co.jp | http://us.mitsubishielectric.com/en/

A7 CordZero Canister Vacuum Cleaner

The A7 CordZero is a wireless canister vacuum cleaner that can move freely. It's equipped with an automatic tracking function, an obstacle avoidance function and strong cleaning performance. The result of four years of development, the vacuum features a dual-blade dust compressor in a multicyclone system that sucks up to three times more dust and prevents it from flying out when the bin is emptied.

Designed by: Myungwhoon Lee, Sehwan Bae, Bohyun Nam, Jungkyu Son and Jaeyong Lee of LG Electronics Inc.

Contact: Gihyeon.Lee@lge.com | www.lg.com