Museu do Futebol (The Soccer Museum)


São Paulo’s Soccer Museum is a multi-artform project combining architecture, curatorship, museography, art direction, multimedia and visual design. The Museum is situated within Pacaembú Soccer Stadium and tells Brazil’s history through soccer, while contextualizing and identifying this sport as part of the spirit and essence of Brazilian culture.  Conceived as a multi-sensorial venue, each room of the museum arouses a variety of emotions and strong identification with soccer and Brazil’s history. Its infrastructure is made up of LCD screens, back projection screens, LED panels, glass plates and aluminium, iron, steel and polycarbonate structures. The major curatorial challenge was to create a museum that would be both intelligent and exciting, moving away from the traditional concept of sports museums – no banners, trophies, pennants, soccer players’ shirts and shoes, and without changing the stadium’s architecture DNA.

“I love the concept of integrating the Museo do Futbol with the stadium. It not only utilizes unused space, but also underlines the nation's cultural and deep-rooted passion for soccer. The well-designed exhibition transforms the short season of soccer into an everyday celebration of the sport, its history and people.” --Stefanie Kubanek, Pentagram

Contact: Jair de Souza:

Credit: Jair de Souza of Jair de Souza Design; Daniela Thomas and Felipe Tassara; Mauro Munhoz and Leonel Kaz for Fundação Roberto Marinho (Brasil)