Media Bus Shelter


This bus station is installed at the Seoul Train Station Bus Transfer Center, and it is a public structure realizing over-scaled media by embedding about 36,400 LEDs in-between a pair of transparent glasses. There are 12 bus shelters, each 8mX2.5m, and the walls and ceilings of all these bus shelters are correlated with moving images and display of low pitch pixel media.

“This is a great example of creating a vibrant, interactive and safe public environment at bus stations, which are often neglected and can turn into unsafe places at night. It is a well executed design solution. Using information technology and LED lighting, the bus terminal becomes a safer and more comfortable place.”  --Stefanie Kubanek, Pentagram

Contact: Jung Woo Chae:

Credit: Chae Jung Woo and Choo Ho Nam of Seoul National University (South Korea); Ahn Seong Mo, Jung Seung Young, Kim Ae Rin, Kim Yong Hak, Park Jong Ho and Han Youn Sub of CA plan Co., Ltd. (South Korea) and Brand Planning Team of Hyundaicard Co., Ltd. (South Korea) for Hyundaicard Co,. Ltd. (South Korea) and Seoul Metropolitan Government  (South Korea)