Digital Interaction

UX for HS50/60

HS50/60 is an ultrasonic device of SAMSUNG MEDISON which can be used in various diagnostic fields such as radiology, OB/GYN, internal medicine and musculoskeletal. UX for HS50/60 is a project analyzing user behavior patterns and optimizing the usage environment, and is categorized into ease of use, intuitive design and optimized environment. Ease of use is to extract video output more promptly. Intuitive design minimizes visual design elements so users can focus on the information they actually want. Optimized environment enhances colors in accordance with usage conditions and viewing angle.

Designed by: Song minjung, Kwack Eunjeong, Ha Kilsu, Pak Jieun of Samsung Medison

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BeanQ OS

BeanQ OS is an intelligent robot for early childhood education. The Q in BeanQ refers to “cute.” The user interface of BeanQ comes from the shape of beans. With a vivid design language and mutiple innovative and interactive modes, it can serve as a friendly source of knowledge for children.

Designed by: Feizi Ye, Tingting Xue, Jian Sun, Fan Li and Xue Mei of Intelligent Stweard Co., Led.

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Public Safety PTT Solution

The Public Safety PTT Solution is a broadband communication solution to aid the social safety net by creating a user experience that helps diverse occupations and age groups adapt to new devices. Backed by video PTT call and media sharing functions, walkie-talkies can be replaced by smartphones. A push-to-talk method helps multiple users talk simultaneously over several channels. The interface enables users understand the channel information and converse with participants at a glance.

Designed by: Si Hyoung Lee, Hoon Cho, Jung Go, Seo Eun Park and Hye Jung Choi of Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

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The V20 GUI phone provides users the freedom to customize the wallpaper in the lock screen. It is integrated with the signature function on the second screen, and the first letter of the user-defined phrase is shown on the lock screen in graphic form. Dynamic downloadable themes can change the entire graphical user interface of the phone.

Designed by: Mijun Yoo, Hwimoon Jo, Youngjin Kang, Mimi Bae and Jihae Bang of LG Electronics Corporate Design Center

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Blink: A Language of Love through Light

Blink: A Language of Love through Light is an innovative physical-to-digital experience that keeps families with sick children connected during medical treatment. This custom-built set of devices gives families an unspoken language of love during moments of separation and anxiety. When a shake or tap is detected, it's sent to the cloud through a 3G antenna. The message is then routed to the corresponding Blink where a set of six LEDs flashes the message as a sequence of colored lights. Families remain close when they can’t physically be together. Designers collaborated with a children’s hospital to ensure that all materials and components would pass hospital regulations and be safe for children. 

Designed by: SapientRazorfish Creative + IoT Teams for SapientRazorfish and Ronald McDonald House Charities


Microsoft Surface Dial

A new tool for the creative process, Surface Dial is a digital accessory for multi-input computing specifically designed to complement a digital inking workspace. It offers a new way to interact with technology and create in a natural, immersive way. It can store, customize, access, navigate and reimagine physical tools in the digital world—from concept to creation. When used with Surface Studio, Surface Dial allows you to reimagine the way you design. Place it directly on the screen and watch as a color picker or ruler magically appears on your digital drafting table.

Designed by: Microsoft

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