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360 Smart Assistant A1

A1 is a 360-degree smart assistant named Lulu which can be controlled remotely via a mobile app. Thanks to the Wi-Fi communication module and voice interactive feature, children and the elderlly who are not familiar with smart phones can send voice messages to their outside family members through A1 and even voice request their favorite children's song or drama. As long as you say "Hey Lulu!" the phone wakes up, and users can control the smart device which is connected with A1.

Designed by: Xueyong Zhang of Shenzhen Fenglian Technology Co., Ltd.



As a total home security and home automation solution, XFINITY Home gives customers complete peace of mind. It helps them build smarter, safer homes by integrating all of their connected home devices into one personalized platform with an easy-to-use app that’s accessible anytime, anywhere.  XFINITY Home features a core set of devices; HomeHub, xCam, D&W Sensor, Motion Sensor and Keypad. These can be partnered with XFINITY Home devices to create an unmatched user experience. XFINITY Home also provides 24/7 professional monitoring with optional video recording that’s accessible from mobile devices and the XFINITY X1 TV UI.
Designed by: Comcast Experience Design, Thomas Loretan, Neil Epstein, Michael Jou and Morris Koo of Comcast

Lucidream eXo

Lucidream eXo is a strong eXo-skeleton and patented, spring-loaded impact absorption system, providing luxurious security to protect the vulnerable areas of mobile devices. It is a finely tuned instrument  made from forged stainless steel and precision-manufactured and heat treated to aerospace standards. It is hand finished and polished; internal surfaces are flocked. eXo is equipped with a mechanical quick-connect system to attach it securely to almost anything. A number of functional accessories make use of this quick-connect system: a wallet, clip, armband and two types of universal mounts.

Designed by: Ramak Radmard of Lucidream

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JELLY, a customized business robot, has open source for everyone. It utilizes the ROOBO OS.AI Robot System and can interpret, book cabs or tickets, manage schedules and perform other duties by voice interaction. It can also take photos, play music, report the weather and shop online. From hospitals to malls, from restaurants to banks, JELLY feels at home.

Designed by: Feizi Ye, Yong Zheng, Haichen Zheng of Intelligent Steward Co.,Ltd

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JBL UB4100 Soundbar

JBL UB4100 Soundbar is an amplified, high performance, full range, weatherproof Bluetooth speaker system that is designed for Utility Task Vehicles, boats and other personal and family outdoor, powersports. UB4100 attaches onto rollbars of UTV vehicles and is subject to extreme g-forces, vibration, moisture, dirt, dust, rain and extreme temperatures. It can split into separate units for flexibility. A high-efficiency Class D amplifier is built-in with 80W per channel, which allows the device to produce 100db at 4 meters into a free space environment. There are also map lights, as well as a removable remote control.

Designed by: Kasin Chan and Myk Lum, IDSA, of LDA for Harman International

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Intel Compute Card

The Intel Compute Card is a microcomputer designed to bring Intel-powered compute into everyday devices—simply and efficiently. To best embody this, the Intel Compute Card illustrates a clean and dynamic design aesthetic, with user-centered ergonomics and seamless usability with its ecosystem. The pure pill-shape form of the Intel Compute Card securely protects the complex internal technology, with a color and material break that provides a quick-read visual cue of proper orientation and alignment for card insertion. The chassis—made of aluminum with a fine textured sandblast finish—offers an inviting and tactile experience between the user and the systems it works within, and maintains an appropriate allowance of high-volume manufacturability. This new Compute Card product category allows for devices to be upgraded seamlessly, without burdening the end user—or the environment—to buy an entirely new device or system.

Designed by: Aleks Magi, IDSA, Dave Collins, Steve Berry and Intel IDXO of Intel Corp.

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Foldable: The World's Lightest and Thinnest Portable Laptop Stand

Foldable Stand is the world’s lightest and thinnest portable laptop stand. This unique truss structure and ergonomic design provides improved stability, better typing posture and reduced body stress. It is an innovation which realizes both strength and portability. This paper-thin laptop stand features heat dissipation, allowing users’ better portability and productivity. Utilizlng Japanese origami engineering and traditional, handcrafted Japanese paper, the Foldable Stand's warm color profile stands out in modern industry.

Design by: Yasuhiro Matsuura, Yuji Takahashi, Kazuma Iida, Ryutaro Okuno, Hiroyuki Matsuura of ECBB Makers

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360 Wi-Fi Extender R1

360 R1 is a portable, wireless range extender, which can pick up the wireless signal from your main router and expand it to somewhere that your main router may not reach. With the aim of improving Wi-Fi coverage at home, hotel or any public place, R1 will be an ideal choice when the wireless signal is not satisfied for surfing online.

Designed by: Xueyong Zhang of Shenzhen Fenglian Technology Co., Ltd.


360 Smart Router P2

360 Smart Router P2's innovativion integrates four antennas into two U-shaped designs, subverting the traditional design pattern of a four antenna router. The wireless signal dimming feature protects pregnant women from a radiation environment. The wireless auto switching on-off feature enables reasonable control of children’s surfing time.

Designed by: Xueyong Zhang of Shenzhen Fenglian Technology Co., Ltd.


360 Wi-Fi Box WB1

360 Wi-Fi Box WB1 is not just a wireless router, but also a mobile charger. Never before has a router made cables so tangle-free! 360 Wi-Fi Box WB1 keeps Wi-Fi equipment such as the modem, router and power adapter, and the mobile phone cable charger, organized at home or office to keep up with daily life. Providing not only a strong wireless signal to end users, the WB1 also supports safety charging as well as the original adapters. Its delicate shape and variety of colors goes well with any indoor decorations. The top cover with silicone protection is dependable enough to carry for any device.
Designed by:  Jianmei Li and Xueyong Zhang of Shenzhen Fenglian Technology Co., Ltd.