LaCie IamaKey, CooKey and WhisKey USB flash drives


In a world increasingly concerned with speed and portability, it was only natural that a company known for data storage would want to expand into a new market; by creating a fun, practical accessory that allows users to transport and share their data quickly, we've done just that. The key-shaped USB key that we produced is both inventive and functional, and turned out to be one of our biggest selling products of the year.

"A conceptually strong product, the story of the design supports the usage scenario well. Thin and durable like a key; finally a USB flashdrive worthy of being on a keychain. So functional yet so attractive."  --Maaike Evers, Mike and Maaike 

Contact: Vanina Goncalves:

Credits: Jean-Sébastien Blanc, Vincent Baranger, Claire Renard and Anthony Lebossé of 5.5 designers (France) for LaCie