External HDD G Series


The G Series is the first in the external hard drive industry to be halogen-free, inside and out, for RoHS compliance. The exterior is made of environmentally-friendly material that did not go through any additional processing such as painting or decorations. Projected leaf-based patterns that change according to the light have been applied to the exterior to deliver natural beauty.   

"The Lego-like knobby surfaces on these simple hard drives are designed so delicately, when you move them in the light they appear to change color. The best example of how a simple plastic product can look great without all the typical tricks of painted plastics or silver bling."  --Maiike Evers, Mike and Maaike 

Contact: Sang Yeon Lee: sangyeon.lee@samsung.com

Credit: Seungho Lee, Junghun Lee and Seonghun Ahn of Samsung Electronics (South Korea)