Andrew Burroughs | Planning a Career in Design?

IDSA Midwest District Conference
St. Louis, MO

About the Talk: There are plenty of suggestions out there for planning a career in design. Each has its own merits. Few, if any, offer guidance for how and why you should QUIT your next job, though. In revealing why some people have left design juggernaut IDEO to advance along their own career paths, this talk does just that.

About the Speaker: Andrew Burroughs, a partner at IDEO, has always been an engineer at heart. Has worked for 21 years as a consulting design engineer (16 of those with IDEO) Has designed award-winning drug delivery devices, surgical tools and a kidney transporter that sits in the MOMA collection. Published a book called Everyday Engineering--How Engineers See. Has led IDEO’s Chicago office since 2004.

Video sponsored by Autodesk.

Run time: 18:08.